We always strive to work with each of our clients individually however, appointments sometimes can run late and our other qualified stylists may step in and assist as needed - we sincerely appriciate your patience when this occurs.


+ How long will my appointment take?

As a general rule for new clients we allow 4hrs for a cut and colour, however, this is for a basic colour. If you are having a colour correction or have long/thick hair then we will allow extra time. Please be mindful of this when you are booking and provide us with as much information as you can so that we don’t have to re-book you in for another time once we see your hair.

+ What Are Your Prices?

Our prices vary for all stylist levels. Our hair cuts range between $70-$140 and our colours start around $140. Our most common colours (balayage or highlights) generally start from $260+. Any additional charges such as treatments or haircuts can be discussed in your consult .

+ What Are The Levels Of Your Stylists?

At LBH we have a variety of stylists to suit everyones needs. Most of our stylists are freelancers (meaning they work for themselves, however we can book you in with them). Some of our stylists specialise in colour, whilst other in cutting/styling. All of our stylists are highly trained professionals that meet our LBH standards so we feel comfortable booking you in with any one of them. We do however have stylists that are more suited to your individual styles so please don’t hesitate for advice from LBH.

+ Can I come in for a consultation and do you charge for them?

We advise any clients to come in for a consult first if they are having a colour correction, have damaged hair, or are unsure what colour/style they want to achieve. If you book in for an appointment on the same day our consults are free otherwise we do charge $50 for standalone consultations.

+ How many sessions will my hair take to achieve my desired result?

Everyones hair takes differently to colour so we can provide you with an estimate, however, it may not be accurate. If you do not have any artificial dye in your hair then we can usually achieve your desired colour in the first session. However, if you have coloured your hair recently (in particular home dye’s) then we may need to cleanse your hair first to pull any strong colours. Alternatively, if your hair is damaged then we may need to do 2 or 3 sessions of colour to maintain the integrity of your hair to prevent breakage.

+ What Sort Of Shampoo And Conditioner Should I Be Using For My Colour?

We can recommend a salon grade shampoo and conditioner suited for your colour/style/hair needs/budget. We have a variety of brands to suit everyone. They include DNA Organics, Iles Formula, OLaplex and Urban ALchemy. For clients with coloured hair we recommend using a colour specific shampoo and conditioner to maintain longevity with your colour. It is also very important for highlighted hair to use a ‘blonde’ specific shampoo and conditioner. We also have conditioning treatments that can be used on a weekly basis to prevent brassiness and tonal changes. We recommend talking to your stylist about what brand/product will suit your colour needs.

+ Do You Use Olaplex At Your Salon?

Yes we do use Olaplex at our salon as an inbuilt cost. As well as stocking step 1 and 2 for our lightening services, we have steps 3, 4 ,5 and 6 for an additional charge to take home.

+ Do You Offer Keratin Treatments?

Yes we do offer Keratin treatments at our salon which will assist in smoothing out the hair, however still leave you with natural volume.

+ Do You Offer Extensions At Your Salon?

Yes we do extensions at our salons. All extension clients are required to have a consult at least 1 week prior to your booking to allow adequate time for the correct colours to arrive.

+ What is the wait to book an appointment?

We recommend that you rebook with every appointment to avoid missing out on your preferred stylist. We understand that schedules can change and we advise to book 8-12 weeks in advance depending on your preferred stylist. We do however have lastminute cancellations for stylists so feel free to contact us via phone to double check and we can always add you to our cancellation lists.

+ What kind of maintenance am I looking at once achieving my desired colour?

We like to see you no later than 12 weeks for a cut, although depending on what kind of damage your hair is in you may need to come every 10 weeks. Colour maintenance can vary depending on what look you're going for. Grey coverage is generally 6-8 weeks but most colour we do can be anywhere from 3-6 months.

Please keep in mind following the hair care routine we design for you will help give this longevity. Toners may be required at points in time especially if you spend time in the sun, beach, pool or overseas.

+ What is colour build up and does it affect my outcome?

Colour build up is any artificial dye that has been placed on your hair. Until that hair has completely grown out it is likely that it will remain on the hair and can affect the colour outcome. For some clients, it can take multiple appointments to achieve a complete colour removal. When cleansing colour your hair will get through various stages of colours, you may see red, orange, brassiness and copper. Once you have your first colour correction appointment we can usually give you a rough timeline for your colour in the future.

+ Can you guarantee your work?

Yes absolutely! We guarantee all of our work and if you are not happy with your colour/cut then we have a 2-week redo policy. You will be required to contact the salon within that window of time so we can rectify the issue and not have had your colour altered by anyone other then your stylist at LBH.

+ Do I need to confirm my booking?

Yes, you need to confirm your appointment. We automatically send out a confirmation text 3 days prior to your appointment as a friendly reminder. Unfortunately, if appointments are not confirmed within 24 hours of the appointment then we will have to cancel the appointment as we have a waiting list.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

You must comfirm your appointment no less then 24hrs. Unfortunately, If you have cancelled within the time frame a fee will be attached to your next appointment. The fee must be paid either prior to rebook or will be added to your next appointment. The fee amount will depend on the appointment you were booked in for.

+ Do you offer finance such as Zip/pay or After Pay?

We offer Zip/pay as well as After Pay. Depending on the amount needed a small charge will be added.

+ Can I bring my children/friend?

We do limit extras in the salon as we have very limited space. If a child/friend must attend your appointment be aware you are fully responsible for them for the following

  • injury, the salon is a dangerous place for children so please keep watch
  • behaviour, please no climbing of the furniture
  • noise level, if items are brought with sound you must use your headphones
  • cleanliness, please respect we are there to do you hair

We appreciate your understanding on the above. We are trying to create a relaxing atmocphere for you but as well as all our other clients.

+ Do You Have Parking At Your Salons?

Paid 2hr (max) street paring is available around Manuka. We suggest Coles on Franklin Street & Flinders Way as well as Manuka Medical Centre on Furneaux Street offer long term parking.